Dear Tralee Residents,

Please look at your community website: http://traleeca.com/ for governing documents, Q&A, and other important information.  You can also submit a Work Order request and subscribe to HOA Updates. Please be sure we have your current contact information to include mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses.  We would like to start emailing more information to you in the future.

Spring is upon us once again; as your Management Company, we would like to remind all residents of the following items:

  • Please power wash/clean your home as needed (especially the side that does not get sunlight) by April 15th 2017 to prevent any violations.
  • Please paint/repair your mailbox, post and flag if needed. All mailboxes must be green with a white post and a red flag. Please do this by April 15th 2017 to avoid any violations.
  • Parking on the street or grass is not allowed for residents.  A guest can temporarily park on the grass/street once all available spaces in the driveway/garage are occupied.
  • Trash and recycle containers are to be kept out of view or screened from the street.
  • Any change to the exterior of your property requires an Architectural Review Request to be filled out and turned into the Management Company.
  • Please ensure dogs do not bark continuously and cause a disturbance to your neighbors. When outside your dwelling, please make sure your pets are confined or kept on a leash, and you are cleaning up after them.
  • Please paint/repair shutters and doors of property as needed.
  • Maintain your lawns and landscaping per the community standards; mow and remove weeds as required.


If you have any questions concerning these rules please feel free to contact me at the number below.


Charles Walker
Community Manager

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